Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing



The use of crystal s for healing can be traced back as far as ancient Grece, Eygypt and Native America.

Crytals are considered to have varying individual properties and meanings and each carry a powerful energy of their own.


In a crystal healing session you are asked to fill in a short health form and we will have a short discussion to acertain what your intentions are for the session.

You will be asked to lay down on the table and relax whilst I work to link in with your energy and intuitively choose crytals to be placed on the body.


The energy of the crystals will work with the chakras and blockges in the energy body. I may chose certain grids based on what we discuss to work with specific ailments or emotional issues.


These sessions are very relaxing and are tailored to your individual needs. You may feel the energy of the crystals working and some people get different sensations such as warmth or tingling.


Afterwards you should feel very relaxed or possibly re energised but every clients experience is unique and the crystals will work to provide you with what you need right now.


Sessions are for a minimum of 1 hour and there will be a short time afterwards to discuss your experience and ask questions.


This is a lovely experience where you can just relax and recieve. So often we neglect our own needs and self care and this is a perfect way to honour our bodies needs and replenish.


This can also be purchased as a gift for a loved one who needs some extra love and care (See gift vouchers)