Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage originates from the ancient system of medicine known as the Ayurveda, which was developed in the Hymilayan region of the Indian subcontinent.


The underlying philosophy is that health results from harmony within one's whole self. This is why it is benificial to your health to take a holistic approach icorporating a good diet, exercise and to look after your energy body also.



In India massage is acknowledged as method of cleansing and maintaining the health of the body and a benificial practice for achieving joy and wellbeing :)


By working on the top half of the body we are accessing the upper chackras which allows us to get in touch with the higher self. The part of our body that represents who we are allowing us to be our authentic selves and making us feel good.


The treatment involves massage of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. It is relaxing and also invigorating at parts. It should leave you feeling calm yet fresh and renewed.


It works to relieve tension in the ares that we carry most of our tress in modern day due to the use of lap tops, phones etc. This in turn can affect the larger muscle groups so it can help in lots of ways. Some of the benifits are;


Physical Benifits:Relaxation, knots broken down, Disperses toxins, relief from chronic nec/ shoulder stiffness, increase oxygen uptake in the tissues, improves blood circulation, provides additional oxygen to the brain, stimulates and improves the circulation of lymphatic system, can provide relief from disorders such as headache, migraines, earache, aching jaws, insomnia, hair loss, alopecia, psoriasis, scalp tension.


Mental Benifits:can provide sense of calm, releases anxiety and stress, increases levels of alertness/ concentration, lift feelings of depression, clear perspective, ease mental tiredness.


Energy Benifits: Balances Chakra energy, releases stagnant energy and boosts available energy.


Sessions last around 40 minutes that includes a short consultation or 60 minutes combined with Reiki.


I ask that women wear a strappy top and men a T-shirt/ top without collars. Treatments are seated and can be shortened making it easy to conduct a treatment any where at and to suit the clients time constraints.


Massage can be done with or without the use of oil and is often suitable for corporate purposes because of this.


Sessions are held at my therapy room but I can cater for parties, corporate services and events.


Contact me for more details or to book a relaxing pamper treat.


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Indian Head Massage