Meditation Classes




I run meditation classes for those that have an interest and those that would like to learn mindfulness techniques or just find some inner peace.


Classes are always different and all meditations are guided.

I like to focus on different aspects in each class that allow us to be more positive and tackle different difficulties we can face in life. For example we may explore forgiveness, awself awareness, grattitude, the power of now.


Who is Meditation for?

Everyone is welcome as meditation is not something that you have to be a master at to enjoy. I like to make it simple and you will be encouraged to go at you own pace .


Practice doesn't have to be perfect as that actually defeats the purpose of meditation.

I often hear people say "I can't meditate" " I can't clear my mind" "I don't have the patience."

The truth is anyone can meditate as there are lots of different ways to do this. Forget the stereo type of a yogi on a matt crossed legged (That's not my style!)

The idea is to give yourself time and space to create awareness and a deeper connection with yourself. Thoughts come up during this process and that's natural.


Teaching Style:

I like to listen to my clients and there is time for discussion and questions. Its lovely to watch people relax into the sessions over the weeks and we are all learning from each other through our experience.


I explore different types of meditation from mindfullness to more spiritual aspects although I must point out this is not a religion in any way.


I like to create a judgemnet free zone and a fun and relaxing atmosphere for all. We have some refreshments at the end of class so people get a chance to mingle with like minded people and it is a good place to network if you have your own bussiness as we all have different skills to share.


What to bring:

We sit on simple chairs but feel free to bring your own pillows or blankets. I do advise this as people can get cold when meditating as the body tempreture can drop. Water will be available but please feel free to bring your own. Some like to sit on the floor and this is fine just make sure that you bring something to sit on so that you are most comfortable.


What can Meditation help with?

The benifits of meditation are that it allows you to gain a new perspective and more positive mindset, it helps with stress management and can reduce anxiety and help with depression. It can lower blood pressure and help with physical pain. It can help with developing a more healthy lifestyle as it reducing stress can decrease cortisol levels in the body that can be dangerous and make us hold onto fat in the body. People claim to sleep better and feel calmer whe faced with stressful situations, which enables them to respond appropriately rather than react.


The tools that are taught in class are easily transfereble into evryday life and my aim is to get you thinking about how you can maintain these skills in every day life.


Class Details:

Monday Evenings Fortnightly 7.30pm-9.30pm .

Harlow, Essex.

£60 for 6 weeks Starting 13th Feb 17

Contact me here to book your space.


I can also provide 1:1 sessions and relaxation sessions for corporate bussnisses who like to invest in stress management techniques for their employees .


I can provide 1:1 for children with meditation and reiki providing that parents/ gaurdians can be present.


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