Reiki Treatments

About Reiki:

Reiki is a Japanese word translated it means universal lifeforce energy' it is based upon both Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Reiki is a natural healing system, re-discovered by a Japanese man Dr Usui and designed to achieve balance on all levels.


Reiki works with the energy in the body to cleanse, clear and rebalance. If we have blockages in our energy fields this can manifest into physical and emotional problems in the body. When our energy systems are clear and free flowing this has a significant impact on our life and things around us.

Reiki can bring better clarity and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen the immune system, relieve pain, release emotional blocks that are trapped in the body and release old patterns.


Reiki is a loving and natural energy that works for your highest good therefore it can do no harm. Its great for those interested in alternative therapies to support them. Reiki is great for everyone [the only exceptions being those with a pace maker or suspected apendicitis].


What to expect from your session:

Sessions are a minimum of 1hr. You will be asked to fill in a short health form when you arrive. We will then have a little chat about what your intentions are for the session and a brief outline of what will happen. You will be asked to lay on a massage table fully clothed as I channel the Reiki using taught hand placements on and off of the body. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your treatment. You will be given after care notes and for clients that would like it I can offer some spiritual guidance after the session and a mini card reading.


During the session:

You may feel the energy flowing in the body, which can sometimes feel like a warm glow, others just feel very relaxed and it is commin for clients to fall asleep, which doesn't affet the treatment in any way. At times you may experience emotions rising as they are getting ready to release. Each session is different and a unique experience for the client but what ever you recieve I believe will be perfect for what you need at that time.


After the session: clients can feel emotional as the reiki continues to work, you may also feel tired [people often sleep well], relaxed, some feel full of energy as again the experience will be unique and tailored to your needs.


Finally the way that I work as a healer/ teacher is in my own style based on my own experiences. I work to show my clients the potential that they have for healing themselves and hopefully empowering them. I believe that you are always guided to the right person to support you on your journey through life.


I look forward to working with you on yours.

Much Love


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