Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses

Reiki 1 (2 days 10am-3pm)

This level 1 course will give you an understanding of Reiki and how it can help you and thise around you.

After the course you will be ble to use the Reiki energy on yourself and others.

You will learn:

What Reiki is and it's intersesting history, Learning to feel and work with the energy system, how to recognise and work with the aura and chakras, hand positions for treating yourself and others, grounding and protecting energy.


The course will include:

Practical exercises as well as a manual to take away.

You will be guided through meditations and you will recieve 4 sacred attunements throughout the 2 days. There will be a certificate of completion at the end.


(One day 1:1 courses also available)


Course Dates and Details:

15th &16th January 17 in Wanstead [Redbridge]



Reiki 2 (2 days 10am-3pm)

Introducing the Reiki symbols. This course will give you a deeper understanding of Reiki and will enable you to develol the skills to work with members of the public.


You will learn:

The Sacred Reiki Symbols that are used to enhance the use of the wonderful Reiki energy. During Reiki 2 you will be ready to deepen your journey and will learn to develop your intuition using sacred Reiki tools to chanel your focused intention.

This is the course where you learn about becoming a Reiki practioner and your code of practice.


This course will include:

The sacred symbols and how to use them, meditations to deepen intuition, working more closely with the enrgy system, becoming a practitioner, the code of conduct. You will recieve a manual to take away plus 4 sacred attunements over the two days.

There will be a certificate of completion at the end.



(One day 1:1 available)


***A minimum of 6 months betweeen each course is advised***


Course Dates and Details:

10th &11th December 16 Wanstead (Redbridge)


Reiki Masters/ Teachers


Dates will be added in 2017

Reiki 1/ Reiki 2 Half Day Refresher Course:

For those that have already been attuned to either level and would just like a refresher or to build more confidence a half day refresher is available where we can go over the basics of the level you wish to refresh and can also focus on any parts you mainly wish to go over.

You will also recieve 1 attunement reflecting your current Reiki level




Contact for available dates.