Reiki Drumming

Reiki Drumming

Drums have been used in sound medicine for a very long time and is a traditional tool of the Shaman.


Using sound combined with Reiki brings a new element into the treatment.

It works to shift and transmute stuck energy and is very powerful often helping the client to transform.


The Reiki powers up the drumming and can have benificial effects for the individual.


Drumming can also be used for Journeying 1:1 or in small groups. This is done in a safe and controlled way that allows the client to explore deeper and gain better understanding of the self.


It can work to lower blood pressure and increase focus and presence . Some have found it helpful in cases of Autism and Dementia.


Therapy is undertaken in the same way as Reiki either lying down or sitting fully clothed and relaxing.


I will talk you through the process and what happens when you journey and there will be time afterwards to discuss the experience.


I myself have found this a very effective way to release deep seated isuues from the past.


Contact me to book a Reiki Drum Session or 1:1 Journey .